PAT testing

Is PAT testing a bit of a mysterious dark art to you? Most people don’t know what to expect, and rogues count on that lack of knowledge to get away with shoddy work as this video from the PAT Testing Network shows you.

We tell you up front what to expect, so you can see for yourself what the engineer should be doing; these are the standards of work we hold every engineer to and by arming you with the information, you can be sure you’re getting the right service regardless of who you choose to do your PAT testing.

Starting the ball rolling

  • Call Emma on 07518 688233 or drop us a line so we can start the ball rolling for you.
  • We will give you a quote based on the information you give us.

Before we arrive

  • We will call you the working day before the engineer is due to arrive, to tell you the name of your engineer, to check if you have any special requirements (such as sight of liability insurance or calibration certificates) and to confirm the engineer’s start time.
  • Your engineer will arrive at the correct time or we will call you to let you know of any delays (usually because of traffic; we do our best but it can’t always be beaten!)
  • Your engineer will produce ID and be wearing uniform featuring our logo (shown at the top of this website). You can call us on 07518 688233 to confirm that the correct engineer has arrived.

When we’re there

  • Your engineer will require each item to be switched off so that it can be unplugged to carry out a full test. If you have any equipment (such as servers) which cannot be turned off during business hours, we can make arrangements to test at times to suit you – just let us know in advance.
  • Your engineer will carry out both visual and physical tests, including visual inspections and opening plugs to check wiring and fuses, in accordance with the IET Code of Practice (4th Edition) and the HSE and PAT Testing Network guidelines.
  • Your engineer may suggest alternative methods of cable management to reduce trip hazards and make items more accessible.
  • Your engineer will replace fuses and/or rewire standard 230v plugs as required at no extra cost; however, any items which still fail tests following these measures will be labelled as “failed” and we cannot provide any further repairs.
  • Your engineer will inform your site contact or relevant person of any items which require repairs beyond our scope, or of any items found which we know have been subjected to manufacturer recall.
  • Upon leaving the site your engineer will request a signature to confirm that you are happy all work has been completed, as well as providing a summary sheet detailing all failed items.

When we leave

  • We will issue an invoice for the work carried out. Full reports and certificates will be issued detailing what has been done on receipt of payment.
  • We may ask if we can perform a follow up site visit, or call or email you to get feedback on our work. There is no obligation on your part, this is merely to allow us to find out how we can improve and highlight any training issues we need to be aware of.