Frequently asked questions

There are certain questions we get asked almost daily. Here we answer a few of them.

Box of replacement plug tops
We replace standard 230v plugs free of charge as part of your PAT testing.

Do I need annual PAT testing?

It depends. We have written a blog post which goes into more detail, but there is no straight answer. It is up to you to decide how often your PAT testing needs doing; however, some insurance companies and commercial landlords may set PAT testing frequency as part of their terms and conditions.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of equipment is it?
  • Who uses it?
  • How do they use it?
  • Where do they use it?

For mobile workers such as photographers, DJs, theatre groups, business consultants and mobile hairdressers, the venues you work in may ask for proof that your PAT testing has been done before you can use your own electrical equipment. You might want to consider more frequent testing if your equipment is regularly moved, or if it used by or on members of the public.

Can PAT testing damage my equipment?

It is very rare these days for testing to damage equipment. Many years ago some mains-powered PAT testing machines had a ‘flash test’ setting, which could fry IT equipment if used. Modern mains-powered testers don’t usually have this setting, so it’s not an issue with those.

Battery-powered testers don’t have enough ‘oomph’ to cause damage.

What does PAT testing stand for?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, but the term PAT testing is the one most people recognise which is why we use it on this site. The correct term is actually In-Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment, but it’s rarely used even within the industry.

How long does PAT testing take?

It varies according to the conditions at your site, but we normally expect each test to take around three minutes. The way your equipment is stored, how willing your staff are to switch off equipment, and how easy it is to access areas of your site, are all factors which can make the process take longer. To minimise disruption to your business, we offer out-of-hours testing at no additional cost to you, so you can have your premises PAT tested at weekends or overnight and still give your customers your usual level of service.

How do I book my PAT testing?

You can call us on 07518 688233, send an email to or contact us via the social media links on each page. Emma will then book a time and date to suit you, so then you can just sit back and relax knowing we’ll take care of the rest!