Working From Home #1

A couple of weeks ago I told The Boss I needed a home office. We’ve had a very busy twelve months and it’s set to get busier, and I felt a home office would be easier than hot-desk working from any available flat surface in our house.

Just to bring you up to date, while we’ve been quiet on the blogging front, we’ve:

  • Moved house
  • Got married
  • Had family bereavements
  • Lost a dog
  • Taken on a major contract
  • I’ve worked months on nights
  • The Boss has worked away far more than from home

Working from home

The biggest change we’ve had in the last year was moving home. In our old house, my home office was a couple of shelves in the airing cupboard in the spare bedroom. This actually worked quite well – everything was in one place, I could shut the door on it when I wasn’t working, and it was out of the way.

However, that wasn’t an option in the new house. Things have become spread out, with work gear in one cupboard, tools in another, files upstairs and downstairs.

The home office environment

Like any office, a home office needs certain things. A power supply, somewhere comfortable to sit, and a safe location for starters. So my first thought was where in the house would be suitable.

  • My bedroom – too tempting to work until silly o’clock, and I’d never switch off from work
  • Spare bedroom – could only be a temporary option as it’s soon to be occupied
  • Bathroom – electricity and water don’t mix (although we have found offices in bathrooms before!)
  • Kitchen – not enough space

That left the living room. Time for some research and inspiration!

In short, I wanted something:

  • By a window
  • Near a radiator
  • Plug socket available
  • Ability to have equipment to hand
  • Able to run wiring safely
  • Away from distractions

Our living room has four alcoves, and I decided the one at the back would be best. The only problem was that it looked like this:

Bookshelf on top of drawers, with ornaments, filling the alcove
This is the alcove I selected, before I decided to turn it into my home office.

Obviously this wouldn’t cut it, so after plodding through Pinterest and the local hardware store, I set The Boss on with a mission. One day and £65 later, we had this:

Completed home office
Completed home office alcove

Didn’t he do a great job?

Next week I’ll tell you more about how we designed and built my home office – come and see!

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