PAT Testing AtoZ – W is for Women

Most of the PAT testers you encounter are male. But what if you have women-only facilities, such as gyms, refuges, or some care facilities? Luckily, we’ve got just the girl for the job.

Emma, our office manager, passed her City and Guilds exam this week with flying colours. For the first time, Skybur Testing is able to offer a female PAT tester for areas where your clients might not want a man wandering around the place.

Women only or women preferred sites

With experience of customer service and care work, Emma is ideal for settings such as care homes, women-only gyms, nurseries, and womens refuges. Her prior work as a senior carer has given her a good understanding of many of the issues faced in some of these environments, which may not be appreciated to the same exent by some male engineers. In some care settings, a female PAT tester may be less threatening to the residents – I’ve often found that a woman in the room can help calm some of the more aggressive service users, particularly in mental-health-care facilities.

Other sites

Don’t get me wrong – she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty! In fact, next week she’s testing a small engineering workshop in Surrey and the following week she’ll be testing in a factory. Since she’s new to testing she’s going to be supervised on her first site or two until she’s confident with it, but she’ll soon have it down PAT 😉

Women only areas are traditionally a bit of a nightmare for male engineers – none of us like testing in refuges, where many women won’t make eye contact and may even be scared of us. Getting Emma trained and testing means that women who are using these facilities to avoid men don’t have to put up with us fellas, and we don’t have to feel like big scary ogres making women uncomfortable in their own homes.

So if you want a woman doing your PAT testing get in touch on 07518 688233 or – but book early to avoid disappointment, because female PAT testers are few and far between!

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