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All this week we’ve been focused on child safety, as part of Child Safety Week. But regardless of whether you have a young family at home, older children moving out, or only read this blog from a business perspective, there’s one fundamental thing you should be doing to stay safe.

Staying updated on electrical product recalls.

According to West Midlands Fire Service, half of all accidental domestic fires were caused by faulty or misused electrical appliances.

How you should use an electrical appliance doesn’t change – it doesn’t matter if your heater is fresh out of the box or five years old, you still shouldn’t be drying clothes over it. However, what can change is the information about that heater.

Why are product recalls so important?

Lorraine Ward’s story, as told in this article, spells it out. She had a newborn daughter as well as a seven year old, and had missed a product recall on the family’s Beko tumble dryer. Because she had also suffered health complications and been hospitalized, she had also failed to renew the home insurance.

The tumble dryer ignited, forcing the family to move into a single hotel room before

‘We eventually found a rental property in Tamworth, but had to rebuild everything from scratch — right down to our knives and forks. And it’s all the personal stuff that I really miss. All my daughter’s school photographs are gone. It’s devastating.’

Awareness of the product recall could have saved them years of stress and heartache.

Product recalls at home

Many household appliances have been recalled, but few manufacturers go to great lengths to publicise their recalls. We rarely stumble upon product recall notifications – we actively go hunting for them.

For domestic appliances you can sign up to Register My Appliance – they’ll keep you updated with product recalls and safety advice on the goods you have at home.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter – we keep sharing updates on recalls as we find them. Or sign up to our brand new weekly email newsletter – the signup form is at the bottom of this page.

Product recalls at work

The cost to your business of an electrical fire can easily run into thousands of pounds. Could you keep your business afloat and running, probably from a different location and having replaced all your stock, while you waited for the insurance to pay out?

Our PAT testing engineers are also kept up to date on product recalls, and have access to our recall archive, so they can spot items you might miss. Not every PAT testing firm does this, but we feel it’s a vital and integral part of your electrical safety. (It can also save you money – imagine if we can tell you that your washer failed the PAT test but qualifies for a free repair from the manufacturer. Another firm which doesn’t monitor recalls could leave you to foot the bill, none the wiser.)

So far we haven’t found a site dedicated to helping businesses keep an eye on the recalls that might affect them (and believe me, it’d make my life much easier if there was one!)

However, Register My Appliance is still worth a try for any of the more common appliances. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter and follow us on social media. Although I can’t promise that we will catch every single product recall, I can promise that we’ll try.

So why not subscribe today for our new free service?

Stay safe!


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