We’re in the PAT Testing Network!

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Skybur Testing of Darlington became a registered member of the PAT Testing Network in January 2015

We were very excited when we received our post this weekend, as it included our PAT Testing Network welcome pack. We’re thrilled to be accepted as registered members of the PTN. Their aims and ours dovetail neatly.

For you as a customer, choosing any PTN member means you are working with a company committed to getting it right first time and raising the standards of the industry as a whole.

Improving PAT testing standards

Members of the PAT Testing Network are committed to delivering high standards of work. The Network sets minimum standards which we agree to as part of the registration process. This way you can rest assured that any member of the PAT Testing Network will deliver a good standard of work and service. (We already exceeded the minimum standards before we signed up, so we didn’t have to change a thing!)

The PAT Testing Network as a trade association

Currently many trades have an official trade body, such as NAPIT and NICEIC for electricians. However, at the moment there is no such body for PAT testing, but the PAT Testing Network states:

The Directors of the PTN are already in contact with HSE and IET and our influence over time can only increase. This may mean that PTN members are able to influence or participate in new guidance, or at the very least become aware of changes affecting the industry in advance of other people so they can adapt and change in good time. Already the membership numbers, combined with the efforts of the Directors are sufficient for the Network to have a significant ‘voice.’

From the PAT Testing Network website, Feb 2015

By joining at this early stage we hope to be there at the start when the PTN achieves trade association status.


Educating you so you can choose wisely

The PAT Testing Network aims to teach people what is and is not proper portable appliance testing; you may have noticed from some of our earlier blog posts that we share this aim too! We also try to share information which we need to be aware of to do our job properly-such as staying abreast of product recalls-with all our followers, allowing even people who have no need of PAT testing services to benefit from our work. Even if we just help one person stay safe through education, be it about chargersextension leads, or what your PAT tester should be doing, we consider that a success.

So if you want your PAT testing carried out by someone who is working to improve their industry and even has the certificate to prove it, search the PTN member directory or just call us directly on 07518 688 233 today!

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