Child Safety Week 2017 – Tuesday

Yesterday I explained that this year’s #SharingIsCaring themed Child Safety Week is especially close to our hearts.

As part of my prenatal advice, the Health Visitor is coming to check our house in a few weeks and we need to be ready.

So today I’m looking at…

The lounge

Realistically, this is where The Boss Jr and I are going to spend a lot of our awake time. I hope.

So the lounge sounds like a sensible place to start.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve built a dedicated office area, secured shelving units to walls, and wall-mounted the TV.

But what else do we need to consider? These are some of the things I’m thinking of:

  • Removing/limiting use of dog toys
  • Removing any bits of chewed dog toys
  • Removing rugs as potential trip hazards
  • Reviewing use of extension leads
  • Disabling the electric fire (we never use it anyhow, so removing the fuse from the spur won’t hurt)
  • Creating a safe space for our dog
  • Corner bumpers for the coffee table
  • More high shelves for DVDs etc


We have a lot of nieces, nephews and godchildren between us. Things like jigsaw puzzles, toy cars, and my childhood Lego box had all migrated into our living room.

These toys have many small parts which aren’t safe for babies and very young children, so they’ve been rehomed to the top cupboard in the spare bedroom. It’s less convenient, but much safer. And The Boss Jr would have to fight mummy for the Lego┬ábe older to play with the Lego anyhow!

The office

A few weeks ago we told you about building our home office. Something that didn’t occur to me at the time was that pen lids and drawing pins are more hazards to be aware of.

For the time being I’m sticking to the drawing pins until I get The Boss to screw some bulldog clips onto a backboard, to replace my noticeboards. After all, we’ve still got a little time.

Pen lids are an easy fix – these days, most of my pens are the retractable kind that don’t need lids. The remainder are being passed on to childless friends. And the permanent markers I use on site are in my tool bag, which brings me to another subject…

Tool bags

Every week when Adrian gets home, he brings in his tool bag and kit bag and pops them on the settee.

Up until now this hasn’t been an issue. However, our tool bags are, well, full of tools. And fuses. And plug parts. The list goes on.

Choking, strangulation, crushing, and cutting injuries are all going to become a major risk as soon as The Boss Jr is crawling and can get into things. Better to start the habit early. The tool bags have to go.

The same is true of my handbag. I carry a multitool with me attached to my keys, at all times. Even on our wedding day. My Leatherman is often clipped to my handbag when I’m not working, and my handbag is effectively just a slightly smarter toolbag with lipstick in it. The Boss isn’t the only one with some new habits to learn!

The dog

Now this is a big worry to me.

For years our dog has been our baby. She’s great with kids, but I’m worried she might become jealous or over-protective with one of our own.

She has a comfortable cage in the living room which she takes herself in and out of at will most of the time. I know it’s comfortable, because she often chooses to sit in it with the door open – and she’s definitely a comfort seeker! She’s not bothered if we shut the door, and I’m grateful for the years of random training and tricks I’ve taught her. I suspect that training her to stay downstairs will prove to be one of my favourites!

I have never left her unattended with a child and have no intention of doing so in future. We’ve also been introducing her gradually to equipment and smells – things like baby powder and lotion, and nappies and wipes. Thankfully, my job means she’s already used to a disrupted schedule – between working days, nights, locally, at a distance, and staying away, she’s pretty much hotel-trained and copes well with it.

There’s some very useful advice on, and I’ve been doing further research too.

What have we missed?

Do you have any living room safety tips you can share with us? Let us know!


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