Child Safety Week 2017 – Thursday

This week we’re asking for your advice, for a change.

It’s Child Safety Week 2017, with the theme #SharingIsCaring.

And we’ve got a home safety inspection with the Health Visitor in a couple of weeks, in preparation for the birth of our first child.

We’re new at all this, so today I’m asking for your safety tips for…

The bedroom

Aside from the living room, I’m probably going to spend a lot of my time in the coming months in the bedroom. I suspect I won’t be sleeping, though!

We’ve been lucky that we’ve been given things like a Moses basket and cot bed, both of which will have new mattresses before The Boss Jr is born. Research suggests a link between SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or cot death) and second hand mattresses. We’ve also bought baby sleeping bags, which are safer than loose covers, and a room thermometer to prevent overheating.

Safety advice for sleeping babies includes:

  • No bed-sharing
  • Baby should not sleep alone before at least 6 months old
  • Do not sleep on a sofa or armchair with the baby
  • The baby should be on his or her back until able to roll over independently
  • The room should be between 16-20C
  • Baby should be in the “feet to foot” position – feet at the foot of the cot, to prevent wriggling under the covers
  • The cot or crib should be away from windows and radiators
  • There shouldn’t be any cot bumpers on the cot
  • The baby’s head should be uncovered – no hats in bed!
  • No loose covers on the bed
  • No pillow on the bed

The Lullaby Trust has some good advice on baby sleep safety, and was recommended in my antenatal classes.

What else have we done?

There’s a securely wall mounted TV in our bedroom too. We’ve deliberately mounted it to leave more free floor space, and to reduce trip hazards in the bedroom.

We have blackout blinds in the bedrooms as well as curtains, and have used the supplied chain tensioners to secure the blind cords to the wall so there are no loose loops. However, our bathroom blind is a lot older, so we’re following the advice for existing blinds from the British Blind and Shutter Association. We’re fitting a cleat to secure the cord of the bathroom blind.

The BBSA also has advice for what to look for when buying a new blind for your home.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be moving my bedside table away from the bed to make room for the Moses basket, which is currently in the corner.

When The Boss Jr is ready to go into the spare bedroom/nursery, we’ll reassess that room further. For now, all the tools and work gear have been put in high cupboards. We’re also testing the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly.

Did we miss something?

Can you think of anything else we should do? Have we forgotten something glaringly obvious? Let us know!


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