Working From Home #2

Last week I told you that The Boss and I had built my home office in an alcove that previously looked like this: I promised to tell you how we did it, so here goes! Planning my home office I gathered a bunch of resources on Pinterest to help me figure out what I needed and […]

Working From Home #1

A couple of weeks ago I told The Boss I needed a home office. We’ve had a very busy twelve months and it’s set to get busier, and I felt a home office would be easier than hot-desk working from any available flat surface in our house. Just to bring you up to date, while […]

Life as a female PAT tester

A few days ago it was suggested to me that I should write a post about life as a female PAT tester. This gave me pause. After all, there is no difference between the way I work and the way The Boss works – or any other male PAT tester worth his salt. We go in, […]